We help decision makers manage uncertainty.

Are your plans outdated just as you finish “strategic planning”?

Are you reinventing your strategy process every year?

Is the environment you  are working in changing too fast for you to keep up?

Scenarios may be the answer for robust and resilient strategies and decision making.

Welcome to our home on the web.  On this site you will find more information about scenario planning and how it works, as well as additional resources, research that shows the benefits of scenario planning and a few videos that describe some important parts of scenario planning.

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-- Thomas J. Chermack

Welcome to our home on the web!

“Forecasts are someone else’s understanding and judgment crystallized in a figure which then becomes a substitute for thinking for the person who uses it” (Pierre Wack, 1985, p. 89).

“Scenario Planning in Organizations” is available on Amazon.